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Whether you're in the middle of a cash crop, or simply growing the most nutritious herbs, fruits, and vegetables for your family, we'll be there every step of the way.

Beginners and Experts stay with us because they trust our advice and have enjoyed the results.

Green Tree staff are experts in Hydroponics.Take advantage of our knowledge! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Hydroponics Gardening products.

If you do not see the Hydroponics Gardening product you want, please contact us

If you need something and we don't have it, we'll order it right away plus give you 10% off!

We carry many other indoor gardening products in our warehouse that are not listed here.

We are distributors for every major manufacturer of hydroponics growing supplies (and most of the lesser-known companies as well.)  

 If you’re near Northumberland County, Ontario and want to save on shipping, start a shopping cart and contact us with the order number for details. Some items need to be pre-paid  

Take a tour through our store, watch our Gardens grow and see why GREEN TREE is the place to buy all your indoor gardening supplies.

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