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Rooting & Propagation


Kick Start™

NPK: 1-2-1
Available in: 1 L

• Low ratio feed is mild enough for young plants to absorb, allowing for optimal plant growth
• Use on cuttings, recent transplants or plants not mature enough to handle stronger fertilizers



Available in: 500 ml

• Moisture sealant; prevents plant wilt
• Use when transplanting, moving or preparing plants for winter


Propagation Box

Available in: 10” x 20”

• Designed to fit a 10" x 20" propagation flat
• Ideal for transporting young cuttings

   Propagation Heat Mat

Available in: 10” x 20” / 20” x 20” / 20” x 48”

• Provide correct amount of heat to speed up root formation
• Allow for propagation on any bench or table
• Quality construction and CuL listed



Available in: 50 g / 100 g / 250 g

• Thick liquid gel enhances rooting in cuttings
• Contains 0.3% IBA
• Registered with the Canadian Fertilizers Act


SnugFit™ Humidity Domes

Available in: 3” / 6”

• Professionally engineered
• Provides a snug fit on Grotek propagation flats
• Less humidity escapes creating optimal growth environment
• Made with high quality materials that transmit more light to the plants

   Snugfit™ Propagation Flats

Available in: 10” x 20”

• Specially designed for increased durability and strength
• Available with or without drainage holes
• Suitable for use with all inserts

   Peat Pellets

Available in: 30 mm / 42 mm

• 1000 per box / measure 42mm
• 2000 per box / measure 30mm
• Are pre-dibbled for convenience



Available in: 4 pack

• High output lamps utilizing a low energy, built-in self ballasted fixture
• Use in the garden, office, warehouse, classroom, household or anywhere else flicker free lighting is desired
• Energy Star rated


26 Watt 6400K Bulb

• Fits into standard light socket
• 6400Kelvin cool daylight compact flourescent
• Long lasting and energy efficient
• Perfect for plants, animals and humans


Bonsai Shears

Available in: 40 mm / 60 mm

• Surgical stainless steel
• Ultra light
• Ideal for cutting and trimming flowers

   Cloning Solution

Available in: 1 quart / 1 gallon

• Promotes vigorous, healthy growth and rapid root development in all types of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables
• Use daily to stimulate root development


Cutting Units

Available in: 30 cutting / 60 cutting / 120 cutting

• Aeroponic propagation system
• Root in 5 days with 100% success
• Includes custom neoprene collars, high flow rate irrigation system, external air intake system, leak resistant lid and deep lid base for easy access


Floral Chrome Plated Scissors

• Hard chrome plated for extra tough, rust-resistant blades
• Moulded softblow grips fit any hand and help prevent fatigue
• Feature a shorter 1.5" blade


Gardening Survival Kit
Wonder Soil

Available in: 20" x 2" pots / 10" x 3" pots / 6" x 4" pots

• Comes complete with all you need
• Includes transplantable coco coir pots and a matching amount of Wonder Soil wafers
• Coco coir pots transplantable into larger pots or directly into the ground
• Pots biodegrade within 9 months


Greenhouse 72

Available in: 36 mm

• Includes tray, dome and 72 cells with 36mm peat pellets
• Refill with Jiffy 272 Refill


Heat Mat Thermostat

• Can control up to 4 heat mats
• Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments to provide constant optimum temperatures


Latex Gloves

Available in: Medium / Large

• Provide protection from rooting hormones
• Contribute to a sterile environment when taking cuttings



Available in: 8 oz

• Helps to achieve tastier harvests, lusher greenery and earlier flowers
• Balanced system of micronutrients helps maintain healthy, vigorous plants
• Foliar spray

   Micro-Tip Pruning Shears

• Feature an ambidextrous locking mechanism
• Stainless steel blades
• Perfect for delicate pruning, clipping and close up work


Multipurpose Chrome Plated Scissors

• Hard chrome plated for extra tough, rust-resistant blades
• Moulded softblow grips fit any hand and help prevent fatigue
• Feature 3.5" blade


Peat Pellet 272 Refill

Available in: 36 mm

• Features 3 pre-loaded refill trays with 24 36mm pellets each
• For use with Jiffy Greenhouse 72

   Peat Pellet  Strips

Available in: 36mm / 42mm

• Designed for seed starting
• Contains weed-free professional grade Canadian spahgnum peat


Prima Disposable Scalpels

Available in: Size 11

• Perfect for use when taking cuttings
• Feature sterile blades to ensure great results


Propagation Inserts

Available in: 18 cell / 24 cell / 36 cell / 48 cell / 72 cell

• Ideal for seedlings and cuttings
• Deep cells promote healthy root development and consistent drainage
• Designed to fit in any 10" x 20" propagation flat



• Surgical stainless steel
• Ultra light, ergonomic design
• Features include safety lock, comfort grips, anti-slip handle and high quality spring


Roots Stimulator

Available in: 50 ml

• Liquid formulation stimulates rapid root growth on softwood and hardwood cuttings
• Fungicide in Roots protects against soil borne diseases


Sprout House
Wonder Soil

• A greenhouse the size of an egg carton with everything needed to start seedlings indoors
• Includes greenhouse, 24 transplantable coir cups and 24 Wonder Soil 1/2" wafers with beneficial worm castings



Available in: 25g

Stim Root #1
• Formulated to encourage quick establishment of roots on softwood plants (eg. Coleus, Begonias, geraniums)
Stim Root #2
• For use on semi-hardwood plants (eg. woody or hard stemmed tropicals, shrubs and many herbaceous perennials)
Stim Root #3
• Made for especially slow growing, hard skinned plants that are so dense in their internal structure that rooting is extremely slow


T5 Fixture & Bulb

Available in: 2' / 3' / 4'

• Full spectrum lighting with 6400 Kelvins of light temperature
• Equivalent to "rising sun" 2:00 pm temperature
• Perfect for starting seedlings
• Initiates faster rooting time on cuttings
• Adds valuable supplementary light


T5 Shade and CFL Lamps

Available in: 4' x 4'

• Shade and four 4' T5 flourescent bulbs
• Includes extra mounting clips and jumper cables required for installation




NPK: 4-10-2
Available in: 1.5 kg / 2.5 kg / 8 kg

• Made of pure hen manure (Acti - Sol 4-4-2) and bone meal

• Ideal for planting and transplanting all types of plants
• Hen manure acts rapidly to stimulate root development and bone meal breaks down slowly for medium and long-term action




NPK: 5-15-5
Available in: 1 kg

• High phosphorus formula to lessen transplant shock
• Contains Roots rooting hormone for fast root development
• For seedbeds, trees, shrubs and bedding plants


Wonder Soil

Available in: 18 pk

Expanding Wafers
• Eco-conscious, coco coir instant potting mix compressed into wafers
• Expands up to 12 times its volume when water is added
• Package contains 18 ea 2.5" wafers that expand to fill 18 ea 4-5" pot
Shake Wafers
• 1/2" wafers enriched with worm castings
• For use in small seed starter cells, around roots and as a booster to the soil of existing plants
• Promotes faster germination with more sprouting success

   Tomato Clips

Available in: 100 pk

• Secure plant stems to stakes or twine
• Snap together quickly and easily
• Pre-defined round shape protects from pinching stem
• Great for tomatoes, orchids, and other plants that need staking
• UV stabilized

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