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Growing Mediums & Soil Am

CocoEarth™ Bags
Earth Safe™

Available in: 35 L

• Eco-friendly peat alternative
• Renewable resource that's light-weight, odourless and pleasant to handle
• Will not shrink, crack or produce a crust
• Holds up to 8 times its weight in water and 8 times more air than peat
• PH neutral with significant amounts of phosphorous and potassium
• OMRI certified

 soil  CocoEarth™ Blocks

Available in: 5 kg

• Eco-friendly peat alternative
• 100% compressed coco coir is a renewable resource
• Hydrate each block with 20 litres of water and a complete fertilizer formula for best results
• Expands to approx. 60 litres of coco coir
• Available individually wrapped or raw (unwrapped)
• OMRI certified


Apollo-X1 Slabs

Available in: 12 slabs

• Designed specifically for vertical slab systems
• Grodan recommends using two drip stakes at the top of the slab with a 5 minute run once per hour


Bat Guano
Welcome Harvest

Available in: 2kg / 10kg

• Rich in soluble nitrogen, phosphorous and trace elements
• Use any time of year as top dressing, component of organic "tea" or foliar spray


Container Gardening Mix
Sea Soil

Available in: 32 L

• Same great features of Sea Soil Original with the addition of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and Perlite


Delta Blocks


• Uniform batch to batch
• Vertical fibres
• Good distribution of water ensures optimum air/water ratio


Diatomacious Earth
Welcome Harvest

Available in: 1 kg

• All natural product
• Made of fossil remnants of unicellular algae called diatoms
• Diatoms have a two-part shell of silica; consistency of talcum powder but very abrasive to pests


Dolomitic Lime
Green Earth

Available in: 10 x 2 kg

• Natural soil conditioner neutralizes acidic soils and provides calcium and magnesium
• Use on lawns, flower and vegetable gardens
• Granulated (not chipped) product that is easy to spread and makes nutrients readily available to plants



Expert Slabs

Available in: 6 x 100 cm 12 slabs / 8 x 100 cm 12 slabs

• Single season slab has a vertical fibrous structure that results in a firm slab with excellent watering control


Granulate - Absorbent

Available in: 20 kg

• Can be used alone or with other media to customize water retention
• Retains up to 20 times it's own weight in water


Soil Moist

Available in: 50 g / 200 g / 1 lb

• Stores over 200 times its weight in water and releases water to plants as they need it
• Non-toxic



Available in: 8mm-16mm 50 L/ 13mm-20mm

50 L / 10mm-20mm 50 L

• Natural growing medium for use in hydroculture and hydroponics
• Light in weight, does not compact and is completely reusable (pellets can be cleaned and sterilized)
• Pellets are pH neutral and do not contain nutrients
• Drains freely and does not hold excess water


Indonesian Bat Guano


NPK: 0.5-12-0.2
Available in: 2.2 lb / 11 lb / 50 lb

• Phosphorous rich formula encourages multiple blooms and hardy root growth
• All natural and suitable for indoors and out
• Restores natural balance in the garden without increasing soil salt content or acidity
• Safe for use around people and pets


Jamaican Bat Guano


NPK: 1-10-0.2
Available in: 2.2 lb / 11 lb / 50 lb

• Excellent source of phosporous
• Gives blooming flowers and ripening fruits a boost by heightening root and flower development
• Safe for use indoors and out and is non-toxic to people and pets
• For use as a soil amendment or can be applied directly to roots using a water dilution
• OMRI certified



Available in: 50 L

BioBizz Light-Mix is an ideal potting soil for organic gardeners who want to have control over the growing process through the application of liquid fertilizers. Slightly fertilized it ensures a fast development of roots and vigorous new growth. EC: 1.2 pH: 6.1-6.3


Mexican Bat Guano


NPK: 10-2-1
Available in: 1 lb / 5 lb / 20 lb

• Excellent source of nitrogen and trace elements
• Stimulates vegetation by substantially enhancing leaf growth and overall plant vigour
• Safe for use indoors and out and is non-toxic to people and pets
• Can be tilled into soil, used as a top dressing, or applied directly in a water dilution
• OMRI certified


Sea Soil


NPK: 2.1-.16-.05
Available in: 32 L

• Composted fish and forest fines soil
• NO foul odour; PH of 6.5; free of PCBs, heavy metals & antibiotics
• Complete soil that organically fertilizes your garden
• Adds nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro-macro nutrients and trace elements
• OMRI certified



Available in: 4 cubic ft bag /  5 L bags

• Neutral pH
• Sterile & weed free
• Lightweight weight makes perlite ideal for use in container growing


Potting Mix
Sea Soil

Available in: 32 L

• Same great features of Sea Soil Original with the addition of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
• OMRI certified 


Potting Soil
Nature mix

Available in: 5 L / 18 L / 30 L

• Organic, ready-to-use soil mix for optimal blooming
• Naturally weed-free
• Contains peat moss, humus, compost and perlite
• Rich in organic matter
• OMRI certified 



 • An economical alternative to other stonewool products
• Features the superior drainage and aeration that makes Grodan products the number one choice


Rockwool Plugs

Available in: 98 plugs / 2940 plugs

• Ideal starter plugs for propagation
• Ideal air/water ratio
• Consistent shape of seed hole in indentically shaped plugs
• Roots develop throughout entire plug


Seed Starting Mix
Nature mix

Available in: 10 L

• Organic, ready-to-use soil mix
• Formulated for tender, young plants
• Contains peat moss, compost and perlite
• OMRI certified 

 soil  Shrimp Compost Mix
Nature mix

Available in: 30 L

• Nutrient-rich shrimp waste composted with a growing medium provides a enviromentally-friendly soil mixture
• Excellent product for re-energizing flower beds and vegetable gardens

 soil  Vermiculite

Available in: 4 cubic ft /  5L bags

• Lightweight
• Comes in 4mm accordion shaped granules
• Screened for consistency, size and quality


Worm Castings

Available in: 16 L

• Enriched naturally and chemical free
• Contains organic worm castings and compost


Worm Castings
Transform Plant Products

Available in: 5 L / 10 L / 20 L

• Contains beneficial microbes important in growing healthier plants and improving soil structure
• 1 part Worm Castings to 9 parts soil can result in a dramatic increase in number of flowers and speed of flowering
• Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium
• OMRI listed

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